March Events in Queens!

Queens Goes all Hollywood and Whatnot

Queens World Film Festival – March 1-4, 2012

  • The four-day festival comes of age this year with opening night at the Moving Image Museum and then three nights at venues in Jackson Heights. Come for the premiers, come for the awards, come just to see a little Hollywood in Queens.

Bring on the Blarney

Queens County St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the Rockaways – March 3, 2012

  • Sun or snow the bagpipers will be there representing the Irish from throughout our great city. If you love parades, but don’t like to get trampled in the tourist crowds of Manhattan, then head to the Rockaways. The whole neighborhood is out to cheer and they know to celebrate St. Pat’s. (Pray for sunny weather.)

St. Pat’s Gets Diverse

St. Pat’s For All Parade in Sunnyside – March 4, 2012

  • A more local affair, the Sunnyside St. Patrick’s Day parade is famous for welcoming gay and lesbian Irish groups, but the diversity doesn’t stop there. Immigrant and community groups march because on St. Pat’s, everyone’s Irish for the day.

Celebrating the Holiday of Purim

Purim in Queens – March 7-8, 2012

  • On Purim, Jews celebrate how Esther saved the Jews of Persia from destruction, as recounted in in the Book of Esther. It’s a holiday of carnivals, parades, food, and costumes. Yes. it’s in February, but close enough to March!

Richmond Gets Colorful

Phagwah Parade in Richmond Hill – March 11, 2012

  • After covering parades and marches throughout Queens for almost five years, I have to say the Phagwah Parade is unlike anything else. The kids run around spraying the parade floats and some innocent bystanders with colored dyes. It’s all part of Holi, the Hindu festival of colors, done to a Caribbean swing thanks to local Indo-Caribbeans from Guyana and Trinidad.



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