Interior Design Tips: July 2012

The Principles of Design

Hi all! Here are some interior design tips & information that may be helpful to you, and your home=) ENJOY 

Repetition: The use of the same visual effect several times in a space. Repetition may produce a sense of harmonious relationships, obviously planned patterns, or rhythmic movements.

Rhythm: A sense of movement created by regulated patterns.

Variety: The use of opposing, contrasting, changing, elaborating, or diversifying elements in a composition to add individualism and interest.

Balance: A feeling of equilibrium in weight. A symmetrical balance is easily achieved by dividing a space in two and identically designing each half. An asymmetrical balance is more difficult to achieve when placing items in a space to create harmony while fulfilling functional requirements.

Proportion: The relationship of object sizes in a space. Proportions are most pleasing when they are based on human and natural elements.

Scale: The relationship of object sizes to the size of the human figure enhances comfort.

As always, feel free to pass along my information to anyone you know who could use real estate advice.


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