Awesome Agent Testimonial for the Team!!

“Abigail’s team is simply AMAZING and we can’t say enough good things about her. I have worked with over a dozen agents across various properties and she is the BEST. We have worked together on and off for over two and a half years and her commitment, dedication, professionalism and responsiveness is bar none. Her team is what you NEED and WANT. I would have given her all our businesses if she worked all over the US, that’s how much we LOVE her. Abigail and her team has been working tirelessly helping us to find a buyer for an extremely strict COOP. Abigail started with market analysis and a justified the approach for the listing price, accompanied with an aggressive marketing strategy and found a buyer within a few weeks. However, the board caused a lot of grief and disqualified at least half a dozen potential buyers due to error in the requirements. The requirements has been rewritten but the buyers have come and gone and it’s extremely frustrating, however Abigail is still sticking with us regardless. When the board rejected a buyer after 4 months being in contract, her team immediately reached out to all previous contacts and found another qualified buyer in a couple of days. That is just amazing! She has invested A TON of time with us even though the monetary return doesn’t seem to justify it. Abigail builds and forge relationships and genuinely wants to help and FOLLOWS THROUGH. Till this day, we still receive Holiday, Valentine and Thank You cards with little gifts. She really goes above and beyond the call of duty and is a welcome guest to our home ANYTIME!”

Foo Man Chu


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