Two Family Home for Sale in East Elmhurst Queens

by George Herrera, Realtor & Co-Owner of the Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty.

What: Two Family House for Sale in East Elmhurst
Where: 31-39 84th St, East Elmhurst, NY 11370
When: Just Listed
Price: $799K

1East Elmhurst Homes for Sale_East Elmhurst Real Estate_Homes for Sale in East Elmhurst NY_East Elmhurst Queens (48)Today we introduce you to the latest Queens Home Team listing for sale in East Elmhurst. This house is a two family semi detached home located at 31-39 84th St. The property’s building size is 18 x 47.56, sits on a 22 x 100 lot, and features a two car garage & full finished basement.

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The House 

13East Elmhurst Homes for Sale_East Elmhurst Real Estate_Homes for Sale in East Elmhurst NY_East Elmhurst Queens (34)As you pull up to the house you’ll notice that it has very good curb appeal, and it is planted on one of those nice tree lined streets where all houses are fairly uniform. This usually gives off a very neighborhood feel as opposed to those streets where you see a 5 story condo next to a single family home. As for the house itself, according to NYC, this house has 1,712 square feet of living space, not including the basement. The first floor features a large eat in kitchen, full bathroom, large bedroom, spacious living room, and small alcove.

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The Layout

9East Elmhurst Homes for Sale_East Elmhurst Real Estate_Homes for Sale in East Elmhurst NY_East Elmhurst Queens (24)There are two entrances into the first floor of the house, one at the front and one at the back. If you walk in through the front entrance you will wak right into a small alcove which can be converted into a small bedroom or office if desired. Keep walking forward and you are in the living room, then you have a hallway on the left and large bedroom on your right. Towards the back of the house you have a large kitchen to your right, full bathroom to your left, and the second entrance. As you walk up the stairs and enter the second floor, you’ll notice the spacious eat in kitchen directly in front of you, a large bedroom & full bathroom to your left, and a very large bedroom/living room to your right.

Property-appraisal-buttonThe Transportation

17East Elmhurst Homes for Sale_East Elmhurst Real Estate_Homes for Sale in East Elmhurst NY_East Elmhurst Queens (41)Within a block of this property you can access the Q33 which provides local service from 95th St in East Elmhurst to 74th St in Jackson Heights. This local bus gets you to the Roosevelt Ave station where you can catch the 7, E, F, M, and R trains.

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The Location

19East Elmhurst Homes for Sale_East Elmhurst Real Estate_Homes for Sale in East Elmhurst NY_East Elmhurst Queens (20)East Elmhurst one of the hidden gems in Western Queens. It’s known for it’s suburban like neighbrohoods, low density living, and proximity to Laguardia Airport. East Elmhurst actually consists if three different subdivisions in two separate zip codes. 11369 is further east beginning at 86th St and moving east all the way to the point where Astoria Blvd meets Northern Blvd. 11370 on the other hand, is closer to Astoria, Woodside, and Jackson Heights. It also encompasses two neighborhoods, Upper Ditmars (north of Astoria Blvd) and the rest of East Elmhurst 11370 (south of Astoria Blvd between Northern and Astoria Blvd). This section is a great neighborhood with plenty of convenience at your fingertips. This particular house is located off of 31st Avenue and 84th St. Two blocks north you have a playground and two blocks south you have Northern Blvd which features an array of grocery stores, restaurants, shops, etc. in addition, seven blocks west of this property you have a large shopping plaza that includes a large grocery store, post office, pharmacy, and much more. Shoot down 31st Ave heading west and you can easily access Woodside, Astoria, and Long Island City.

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New Single Family Home for Sale in Astoria Ditmars: 23-74 38th St, Astoria, NY 11105

by George Herrera, Realtor and Co-Owner of the Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty.

15Astoria NY Homes for Sale_Homes for Sale in Astoria NY_Astoria Ditmars_Astoria Queens Real Estate_Astoria Ditmars Homes for Sale_11105 (37)Price: $875K

Welcome to the newest Queens Home Team listing for sale. Today we introduce you to a unique single family home in Astoria Ditmars. The property sits on a 20 x 100 lot, detached on all sides, and located at 23-74 38th St. The features of this house are charming to say the least. The layout is ideal, the size is perfect for a family, and the location, well, if you know anything about Queens, then you probably know that Astoria Ditmars is one of the most vibrant & thriving communities around New York City. Access to the N & Q lines at Ditmars Station is merely .3 miles away so transportation is at your fingertips. Take a stroll down 38th St and you will run into the heart of Ditmars Blvd which offers an array of restaurants, grocery stores, boutique shops, and much more. Head west on Ditmars and you will run into one of the most beautiful parks in Queens, Astoria Park. So much to say about the location, but a quick Google search for “Astoria Queens” or Astoria Ditmars” will lead you to endless articles and websites dedicated to this high demand neighborhood with convenient access to everything one can ask for.

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The House

4Astoria NY Homes for Sale_Homes for Sale in Astoria NY_Astoria Ditmars_Astoria Queens Real Estate_Astoria Ditmars Homes for Sale_11105 (18)When you pull up to the house you can immediately notice that this is not your typical one family house. For starters, the house is set back about 75 feet from the street. In other words, you have a huge front yard which includes a deck, garden, and intimate patio ideal for relaxation. In addition, the one car garage, private driveway, and 8 foot trees are towards the front of the house. This is great because it gives you the barriers needed for the much desired privacy people look for in their yard. When you get to the front of the house, you’ll notice that the brick work is very unique to the neighborhood as well. Dark grey bricks give this house a look and feel that is more modern and contemporary than the classic new york red bricks seen throughout the area. As you walk into the house, you’ll notice that these ceilings are much higher than your typical 8 foot ceilings. In fact, these ceilings are 10 feet high on the first floor, and 9 feet high on the second. You can already imagine how airy it feels throughout the house with these high ceilings. As the cherry on top, you have R5 zoning so if you ever wanted to expand the property, the potential is there.

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The Layout

14Astoria NY Homes for Sale_Homes for Sale in Astoria NY_Astoria Ditmars_Astoria Queens Real Estate_Astoria Ditmars Homes for Sale_11105 (25)The layout is typical of a one family home, you walk into an entry foyer with stairs to the second floor on your left, living room to your right, and dining room & kitchen towards the back. The first floor also features a full bathroom and access to the basement. On the second floor you have three full size bedrooms and a second full size bathroom. Several windows throughout the home provide plenty of sunlight in the house. The basement is a full partially basement that would be perfect for an entertainment or recreation room.

Property-appraisal-buttonThe Condition

8Astoria NY Homes for Sale_Homes for Sale in Astoria NY_Astoria Ditmars_Astoria Queens Real Estate_Astoria Ditmars Homes for Sale_11105 (29)
When you walk in the house you will notice that the kitchen, floors, walls, and bathrooms are all in great condition. No work needed here, truly turn key. Everything about this house is beautifully designed for high quality living. The owner has a modern rustic taste that you can notice throughout the home.

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2Astoria NY Homes for Sale_Homes for Sale in Astoria NY_Astoria Ditmars_Astoria Queens Real Estate_Astoria Ditmars Homes for Sale_11105 (23)We truly hope you will come visit this beautiful home because in order to really appreciate it’s charm, you really must see it in person. For additional information or to schedule a viewing, please call George or Abigail Herrera, Realtors and Owners of the Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty Landmark II.

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Minor Repairs and Improvements that Make all the Difference in Queens

by George Herrera, Realtor & Co-Owner of the Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty.

minor-home-repair-houseWhenever we meet with Homeowners who are thinking of selling, we usually give them some homework before putting their property on the market. Reason why is because there are always little things that can be done in order to show the home in it’s best light. We don’t typically recommend expensive renovations but we do make very affordable suggestions that make all the difference when we start showing. The difference in the offers you’ll get if you make these small repairs can be anywhere from $10,000, $20,000, even more depending on the neighborhood. Suffice to say that these small investments have a very good return on investment, especially if you are selling a long time Family home that has a lot of wear and tear. With that said, below is a list of the most common repairs, improvements, and homework that we give to our new Seller clients before hitting the market:

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1. Take up Carpets

If you know Queens then you know that most people like wood floors. Being that most homes were built a long time ago, chances are that your house has wood floors as well. So, if you have carpeting in your home or apartment, take it up. You don’t even need to refinish the floors, just showcase the wood and it will show much much better.

2. Cracks on Walls

A lot of the homes we sell in Queens have settlement cracks throughout the home. This is nothing to be alarmed about, and it is actually very common, however, for a first time home buyer, this can look scary and lead them into thinking something is wrong (or will be) with the house. You can eliminate this concern by simply touching up these small areas.

3. Fresh Coat of Paint

lightpaint-colors-neutral-color-painting-ideas-2This is an old adage, and you probably have already heard the benefits of throwing a fresh coat of paint on your home. We as Queens Realtors, have seen this first hand, and we can say without a doubt that homes with a fresh coat of neautral color paint can go a really long way! It’s not that expensive so the return is definitely there, and best of all, it makes the home show much much better than it would with old worn out paint. Even if the property needs work, a fresh coat of paint will make it look less daunting for potential buyers.

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4. Lighting

Before you list or sell your home, you definitely want to make sure all of your light bulbs are working, and more importantly, make sure you have enough lighting all throughout the house. We sell a lot of properties that are very dark & dim when we see them for the first time. This may be okay when you’re living there, but truth is that buyers like bright homes. What we typically do is tell our clients to replace non-working light bulbs and buy cheap lamps for areas of the home that need more lighting. This make all the difference once we start showing, and it actually makes the property look even bigger!

5. Sand & Paint Old Damage Areas

When we tour homes (specifically older ones) we tend to see spots on walls and ceilings where it is obvious that some damage has occurred. These spots have usually been repaired, however, when a buyer sees it they will not take your word for it. Buyers will make a big deal about things like this, and their inspector will most likely not be any help. So, what we typically advise our clients is to bring in a handyman who will shave the area down and repaint it so that it is not noticeable. You can have one handyman go through and take care of all old damage areas and once complete, the walls and ceilings will look much more turnkey which leaves a buyer worry more about cosmetic repairs.

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6. De-Clutter, De-Clutter, De-Clutter

dont-just-declutter-deownIf you’re selling an older home (which is usually the case), chances are that you or your tenants have accumulated lots of stuff over the years. As a result, the house is probably cluttered and does not portray the actual amount of living space that is offered in your property. We almost always tell our clients to throw out unnecessary items, start boxing things up for the move, and hire a clean out company to get rid of larger items that don’t add to the house’s appeal. This one is so important, and we see again and again that it works to get better offers much quicker. The truth is that we live in New York City and as a result, space is a premium. A good job of de-cluttering can showcase another 100-200 sq ft, and in Queens, that is HUGE. Sometimes we give our clients homework, and we come back for the photo session, it looks like a completely different house! Always results in more buyers and higher offers…

For help, tips, or recommendations in getting your property prepared for the big sale, feel free to reach out to us anytime. We have a great list of trusted vendors from Handymen, Clean-out Companies, Painters, etc…

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How much is your Queens Home Worth?

George Herrera Keller Williams_HEADSHOT_ROUNDby George Herrera, Realtor and Co-Owner of the Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty.

Every house has value, regardless of it’s condition. The question is, how much value? There are several factors that affect the value of 1-4 Family Homes here in Queens, and it’s important to note that Appraised Value is different than Market Value. Appraised Value is the value of your home as assessed by a licensed real estate professional or appraiser. This value is based on comparable sales within the last 3-6 months. Market Value on the other hand, is more emotional, and defined simply as “what a buyer is willing to pay for your home”. So, what is the appraised value and market value of your home? Below is a list of factors that are used to determine both values in Queens, NY.


location-11399655Location, location, location.The golden rule of real estate rings true here in Queens. Every neighborhood is different, and even the same neighborhood can have sub-divisions within that neighborhood. For this reason, it is best to compare your home, to similar homes within a quarter mile radius of you. Being that Queens is so densely populated, we find that a quarter mile gives you the best comps. Once you go outside a quarter mile, you tend to spill into different neighborhoods and sub-divisions.

Let’s face it, it’s very hard to make your property bigger. Most buildings in Queens were built a long time ago, and most homeowners keep the existing structure. Now of course you can add extensions and(or) build up, but the truth is that most homeowners don’t go to those extents just to make their homes bigger. Therefore, it’s important to compare your home, to other similar size properties (i.e. similar building size & GLA). In a county as densely populated as Queens, space is a premium, so 200-400 sq ft in added living space can add substantial value.

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Queens is one of the most popular counties in New York City so it’s no surprise that developers are scrambling to find big lots with the right zoning in order to build something that will provide them with a great return on investment. As a result, your lot size and zoning can add value depending on the area, FAR, buildable square footage, etc. It’s important to understand what your zoning is and what your FAR is because depending on what it is, your property value may be increased substantially.

Condition plays a major factor in the value of a residential home. This is common knowledge, however, many homes are not fully renovated so it’s important to understand how appraisers & real estate professionals make adjustments for different upgrades, renovations, etc. Some improvements add value, some don’t. Some aspects of the home that are in bad condition can hurt the value of your home, and some others don’t. Therefore, it is important to compare your home to other similar size homes, in the immediate area, and in similar condition. These will be your best comps.

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17 Fun Facts about East Elmhurst NY

by George Herrera, Realtor & Owner of Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty.

East Elmhurst_3East Elmhurst NY is a wonderful and unique neighborhood in Queens county NYC. We sell a lot of homes here so we get to tour the neighborhood and learn all of it’s hidden gems quite often. The neighborhood consists of two zip codes (11369 & 11370), and 11370 actually consists of two sub-neighborhoods, one of them which is north of Grand Central Pkwy, and the other which is south of Grand Central Pkwy. The northern section which borders Astoria Ditmars and Laguardia airport is commonly referred to as “Upper Ditmars” or “Astoria Heights”. If you talk to the neighbors here, you’ll quickly realize that they differentiate themselves from what is defined as East Elmhurst. The southern part of the 11370 neighborhood doesn’t have a fancy name, but it is just as charming. Lastly, 11369 is a neighborhood bordered by 86th Street to the west, 112th Pl to the east, Grand Central Pkwy to the north, and Northern Blvd to the south. These two areas make up what we as Realtors call “East Elmhurst”, and we define it as the area which runs from 70th St to 112th Pl (west to east) between Grand Central Pkwy and Northern Blvd (north to south). The neighborhood is very residential with only a few Coops and Condos. As you drive or walk around, you’ll notice that the neighborhood is comprised mainly of 1-3 family homes with very nice curb appeal. In the area between Grand Central Pkwy and Astoria Blvd, you’ll see a very suburban like neighborhood with bigger lots and more detached homes and attached. Altogether, East Elmhurst is very charming and the neighborhood offers a lot of value to residents, visitors, and potential buyers alike. So, we have compiled a list of fun facts that you may or may not know about the the East Elmhurst Queens neighborhood. ENJOY:)

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East Elmhurst_21. East Elmhurst is the first neighborhood you will see out an airplane from LaGuardia Airport

2. East Elmhurst is located north and east of Jackson Heights and north of Corona.

3. East Elmhurst includes La Guardia Airport
Flushing Bay.

4. The zip codes of East Elmhurst are 11369 and 11370.

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East Elmhurst_45. East Elmhurst and its southern neighbor Corona are often referred to jointly as “Corona/East Elmhurst”.

6. In the East Elmhurst 11369 and 11370 ZIP code, almost 30 percent of the 36,000 residents were born abroad.

7. The Corona East Elmhurst News, first published in 1959 by Kenneth and Corien Drew, was located on Astoria Boulevard. It ultimately became the Queens Voice and was published for 1959-2002.

8. The MTA’s Q19, Q23, Q33, Q47, Q48, Q49, Q66 and Q72 buses serve East Elmhurst.

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East Elmhurst_19. P.S. 127 Aerospace Science Magnet School, an elementary school for grades PK-8, and I.S. 227 Louis Armstrong Middle School for grades 5-8 are in the East Elmhurst neighborhood.

10. A small section of East Elmhurst is zoned for separate district in Whitestone, Queens causing some children to attend P.S. 21 for elementary and J.H.S 185 for middle school.

11. During the 1950s and 1960s the area was home to legendary African American musicians, civil rights leaders, professionals, and athletes[5]including Malcolm X, Dizzy Gillespie, Nat Adderley, Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Heath, Frankie Lymon, Charlie Shavers, Ella Fitzgerald, and Willie Mays.

12. This once rural area is now among the fastest-changing communities in the city.

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13. East Elmhurst has been home to a number of renowned jazz talents, including singer Ella Fitzgerald and bassist Ray Brown.

14. East Elmhurst is home to The Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology

15. While there are some high rise apartment complexes, most of the housing in East Elmhurst is in the form of single and multi-family homes.

16. The East Elmhurst population is incredibly diverse, with a good mix of Italians, Greeks, Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans.

17. East Elmhurst is a very residential area and it certainly isn’t what one might expect of New York City, but it offers a fairly cheap alternative for people who want suburban living without going too far from Manhattan.

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18 Fun Facts about Astoria Ditmars

by George Herrera, Realtor & Co-Owner of the Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty.

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George and Abigail Herrera_Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty 2_HEADSHOT_ROUNDAstoria is comprised of 4 different zip codes, 11102, 11103, 11105, and 11106. The most popular of the 4 is arguably 11103 and 11105. 11103 is the zip code where you will find 30th Ave, Broadway, Steinway, etc. Many consider this section “the heart of Astoria”, however, just north of Grand Central Pkwy there is the 11105 zip code, sometimes referred to as Ditmars – Steinway or the Astoria Ditmars Neighborhood. This section is more residential than the busy areas south of GCP, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t much to do. This area has a busy thoroughfare on Ditmars Blvd with plenty of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Most of the action is happening on Ditmars Blvd, between 31st St and Steinway, but you also have Astoria Park to the west, and what was known as “Steinway Village” to the east. In addition, you’ll find a lot of small retail shops, restaurants, and stores on several side streets throughout the neighborhood. Altogether, this small neighborhood of Astoria is lively and very walkable. The lower density gives the area a small town feel so you’re not overshadowed by huge buildings. As you tour the neighborhood, you quickly notice that it is crawling with a mix of young professionals and long time residents. It’s no wonder that this is one of the hippest and fastest growing areas of Queens, so we compiled a list of some fun facts that you may or may not know about the Astoria Ditmars Neighborhood.

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Ditmars-Steinway Astoria Living

1. Beginning in the early 19th century, affluent New Yorkers constructed large residences around 12th and 14th streets, an area that later became known as Astoria Village (now Old Astoria).

2. During the second half of the 19th century, economic and commercial growth brought increased immigration from German settlers, mostly furniture and cabinet makers. One such settler was Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg Steinway & Sons in 1853, which today is a worldwide piano company.

3. Later on the Steinways built a sawmill and foundry, as well as a streetcar line. The family eventually established Steinway Village for their workers, a company town that provided school instruction in German as well as English.

4. Astoria and several other surrounding villages, including Steinway, were incorporated into Long Island City in 1870.

5. Italians were the next significant immigrants after the Dutch Germans in Astoria, and numerous Italian restaurants, delis, bakeries, and pizza shops are found throughout Astoria, particularly in the Ditmars Boulevard area.

6. The 1960s saw a large number of ethnic Greeks from Greece, and immigrants from Cyprus in 1974.

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Ditmars Corner 31st St and Ditmars Blvd

7. The Greek cultural imprint can be seen in the numerous Greek restaurants, bakeries, tavernas and cafes, as well as several Greek Orthodox churches.

8. The eastern end of Astoria, with Steinway Street as its main thoroughfare, is sometimes referred to simply as “Steinway”.

9. The northern end around Ditmars Boulevard is sometimes referred to as “Ditmars”.

10. Ditmars is a middle class section of Astoria bounded by Bowery Bay to the north, 31st Street to the east (boundary with the adjacent neighborhood of Steinway, with which Ditmars is sometimes confused), 23rd Avenue to the south and the East River on the west.

11. The Steinway neighborhood was largely developed as a company town by the Steinway & Sons piano company, and included houses and public facilities that were also available to non-employees.

12. The Ditmars neighborhood was not included in the Steinway & Sons company housing and related facilities project.

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Ditmars Station

13. Ditmars is considered to be a popular neighborhood among young professionals and in some real estate references the adjacent neighborhoods of Ditmars and Steinway are joined as a single “Ditmars-Steinway” reference.

14. The Ditmars neighborhood takes its name from Ditmars Boulevard which was named in honor of Raymond Lee Ditmars, (1876-1942) famed American herpetologist and curator of Reptiles of the New York Zoological Society at the Bronx Zoo.

15. Astoria Heights, or Upper Ditmars, is bounded by Hazen Street to the west, La Guardia Airport to the east, Bowery Bay to the north, and Astoria Boulevard and the Grand Central Parkway to the south. It is mostly a quiet middle class neighborhood of 1 and 2 family private homes.

16. Astoria is served by the N Q trains which run along the elevated BMT Astoria Line above 31st Street.

17. The primary streets running north-south are 21st Street, 31st Street; and Steinway Street (named for Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg (later Henry E. Steinway), founder of the piano company Steinway & Sons).

18. The block of 37th Street between Ditmars Boulevard and 23rd Avenue is sometimes referred to as “the Seinfeld Street.” In the Seinfeld television show, this street is occasionally seen in external establishing shots as the block where George Costanza’s parents live.

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Briarwood Homeowner Cashes out on Home and Heads to Florida for Retirement…

1_Home for Sale in Kew Garden Hills_Kew Garden Hills Homes for Sale_Kew Garden Hills Real Estate (71)We recently closed on one of our single family home listings in Briarwood, Queens. This one was listed for $750K and sold for $761K in less than 60 days. The seller of this property was actually referred to us from another agent down in Florida who was helping her find a home down there. The owner’s first language was spanish, so the agent was looking for a spanish speaking agent in queens who could assist her with the sale of her house in Briarwood. He called us and immediately felt comfortable sending us the referral since we know Briarwood very well, and more importantly, we always stress to agents that we will take care of their referrals as if they were our very own family. This is 100% true, and I think people sense that…

We called the owner, set up a meeting, and spoke to her about her selling options. When we first met her I felt like I was speaking to a person that could be one of my Aunts. This was one of those people who could easily be taken advantage of by one of those immoral and unethical agents. We love meeting sellers like this because we know that they’ll be in good hands with us. On top of that, she lived alone and recently had hip surgery. She lived in this house for close to twenty years and was finally ready to move to Florida so she could escape this cold. She was also tired of the stairs in her house because of the hip surgery. Now that we knew her goals, we were ready to go to work and help get her to Florida! We made sure she felt comfortable with the process and assured that one of our team members would be at the showings to make sure she had us on her side at all times…

Click here to see a list of one homes for sale in Briarwood NY

Now, the biggest selling point for this house was the fact that she just renovated the entire property due to a small isolated fire in the living room. Fortunately her insurance company wanted her to renovate the whole house so they paid for a large scale renovation instead of just the living room. In other words, the condition of the home was excellent! In addition, the house was much larger than your standard one family in Briarwood, and it also had room for 8 car parking (3 in front, 3 in driveway, and 2 in backyard). The downside was that it was right on Main St close to the intersection of GCP and Main St. We knew that we would likely get some negative feedback about the busyness of the area but we felt confident that there were enough positive selling points to overcome that objection.

Pricing was a little difficult because the highest sale price in all of Briarwood at the time was in the mid $600s. However, there was a large one family within a quarter mile (in Kew Garden Hills) which was listed for $749K and recently went under contract. Considering the fact that this one was similar in lot size, livable square footage, and condition, we suggested a list price of $750K. We scheduled the photography session, staged the property, and hit the market. We have an extremely aggressive marketing plan for our Queens’ listings so as soon as we listed it, our phones and emails were blowing up. We pushed all first showings to the first open house in order to create urgency, and we ended up having a huge turnout. After the first weekend showings, we had multiple offers on the property. Most were below asking price, and one very close.

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We ended up negotiating a full price offer for our client and got a deal going. This was great news, and our client was very excited since this would be the highest sale price for the entire neighborhood. After accepting the full price offer, the buyers asked if they could see it one more time, this time with their parents. Once the parents came to see it, they ended up backing out on us due to the fact that the parents didn’t like the street noise. Luckily we know to not stop showing even if we have an accepted offer so as soon as they backed out on us, we were already negotiating another offer very close to asking price. Now, being that we already had a full price offer on the previous deal, our client was not accepting anything below full price. This can happen sometimes, but frankly, we don’t mind because if one buyer was willing to pay it, then surely others will, it’s just our job to get them there.

So, we ended up negotiating another full price offer, but before we could get the deal going, something happened. One of the owner’s neighbors saw that she was selling and knocked on her door to express her family’s interest to buy the property. Now, this was great news because we offer our clients discounts on the commission if they are able to find us the buyer. That means that with this new offer, she would end up netting 2% more money from the sale! So naturally, we accepted the offer. The owner was so happy to be selling to the neighbor, and also to be netting more, that she said we don’t need to show the house anymore. We advised against it, but she felt confident that they were buying it since she knew them personally. They decided to bypass the inspection since it was recently renovated, but a few days later, the buyers said they wanted to see it again, this time with their parents (sound familiar?). As you can probably guess, these buyers ended up backing out on us as well because the parents didn’t like it. The bad news this time is that we stopped showing, so we lost out on several potential buyers while we were waiting to go into contract.

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We started from square one, relaunched all marketing activities, and got to work. After a few weeks, we had some new traction. Two buyers who really wanted the place! This time we were able to negotiate the prices over asking price, and on top of that, they were all cash offers which means no bank involved. We were worried about appraisal issues so this was a huge relief…

Ultimately, the owner ended up taking the second highest offer, because there was no selling contingency. We got the deal going immediately, and this time the buyer looked very serious to go into contract immediately. They scheduled an inspection which didn’t turn up anything alarming aside from a leak in the basement that the owner quickly resolved. We finally went into contract and were on our way to getting our client to Miami where she longed to be.

Contract to close was fairly smooth, a few speed bumps here and there, but nothing we haven’t experienced before. The owner needed an extra month or so to get things ready and the buyer was happy to accomadate… Once the closing date drew closer, we scheduled the final walk through on the morning of the closing date. This was one of the most pleasant walk throughs we’ve conducted because the buyer’s whole family came with them (mom, dad, kids, etc). The owner was almost done clearing the house out and it looked great, even bigger than the buyers remembered! Baby was running around the house, apparently marking her new found territory:) The buyers looked so happy to be moving in, and they had a certain gittyness that you rarely see from working NYC professionals! They asked us to take a picture of the family in front of the house, and it felt like we were in a real estate commercial. These are the times when we really get a lot of fulfillment in what we do… Most importantly, our client was packing up everything for the drive down to Florida and she was just as happy to be nearing the beginning of her retirement. Her daughter (who lives in the Bronx) was driving her down to Florida and she looked as if she was contimplating the move as well:)

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We were so happy for her, and when she got her net proceeds check at the closing (over $500K), we were excited to see that she had a nice chunk of change to retire with. As we grow, and as we continue to get more seller referrals, we are starting to realize that there is a large amount of empty nesters and baby boomers who are relocating to the south. We hope to find more of these families so that we can help them get the best return on their investment while making the process as smooth and hassle free as possible. Congratulations to our client as she begins this new exciting chapter of her life! Another fulfilling sale for the Queens Home Team…

Courtesy of George & Abigail Herrera w/the Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty

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